in the past important knowledge of culture and history was stored in museums.

In the past important knowledge of culture and history was stored in museums. Nowadays information is freely available on internet therefore is no longer need for museums.To what extent do you agree or disagree.

In the past important knowledge of culture and history was stored in museums. Nowadays information is freely available on internet therefore is no longer need for museums.
Museums preserve the knowledge about the culture and history of a country
nowadays its
available within the touch of hands on internet
believe there is no more need of museums. In my opinion former proposition appears to be more rational
we cannot rely
on internet for getting the exact information as the physical observation is way far useful
than browsing about something. This essay will
elaborate my views for
impact of abolishing museums and
will lead to a logical conclusion.

Explication the
and foremost reason why people prefer internet over museums is that internet is cheaper to access
of travelling and visiting a museum
experiencing something
will help people know more about that place as long as
For example
: Seeing pictures about historical museums cannot
be compared
to seeing it
the way the taste of the pizza cannot
be known
unless tasted
of seeing it in pictures.

, museums are a
source of attraction among foreigners
as well
as helps in spending time with family or friends
as well
as a
source of educating students as seeing, touching and experiencing something face to face gives more knowledge, develops more creative questions regarding the context and helps to
more knowledge about the things that may not have been available on the net.
For example
: Going to the museum of
can give a person fascinating experience as the one will be able to look around the
structures from each and every corner, will be able to analyze it from
angles and will
be able to touch things around them as long as seeing that on sites or scrolling about it on mobile phones.

Though internet has made
it doesn't
trends should be
from the society or country. Museums are the gift of
and if they will not exist then from where the society or people
the knowledge about the ancient past. Museums are
the way internet is and removing them from the country will
turns into the loss of a great source of guidance and knowledge for the future generations and
for the present generations.
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